Hertz works with NMQ Digital for aligning online content and operational execution of marketing campaigns

“NMQ Digital has proven to be a great support for us. They are efficient, fast and go the extra mile.”

Tara Brian, Operational Marketing Manager at Hertz Europe

Hertz is the world's leading vehicle renting organization and operates from approximately 7,700 locations in 145 countries worldwide. Hertz is the largest general use car rental brand in the world. In Europe the company has a total of 25 websites, including the digital platforms of partners and franchise offices. The marketing department in the UK is responsible for making sure the content and marketing campaigns on all platforms are aligned and up to date. In order to do so Hertz has selected NMQ Digital as it’s partner.

“It’s very important that we get our content live in the right format at the right time throughout all our digital platforms”, says Tara Brian, Operational Marketing Manager at Hertz Europe. “Especially since we work with very tight deadlines, multiple languages and our campaigns are time sensitive, we needed a supplier who could meet our demands and works with high service and quality standards like we do.”

Improve performance

Hertz ultimately selected NMQ Digital. Tara Brian: “We work with NMQ for the content management and operational execution of our marketing promotions on our digital platforms. They have proven to be a great support for us. The team is very efficient. Also they are very proactive in flagging quality issues and raising awareness about content or campaign specifics that can be changed in order to improve performance. Due to their good work and support our team can focus on the strategic elements of our digital platforms.”

The European marketing department of Hertz runs a variety of tactical marketing promotions annually. This means the content on the platforms is refreshed continuously. Both for global and local campaigns assets like banners and landing pages need to be localized based on templates provided by Hertz. This is all taken care of by the NMQ team. “We are happy how NMQ responds to our needs; they are efficient, fast and go the extra mile. They work hard to ensure everything runs smooth and the right content is featured at the right pages on the right time.”

“The location of our NMQ account team in Turkey has turned out to be a great match as well. They are ahead of us which means when we come into the office in the morning, our requests of the previous day already have been taken care of. Furthermore the time zone they work from is in line with the rest of Europe which eases communication. Lastly they are very responsive and speak English very well. This means we can run a smooth digital marketing operation.”

Value for money

For Hertz working with NMQ Digital has proven to be a cost effective way of organizing it’s digital content. “They deliver good value for money which makes it an attractive business case as well”, concludes Brian.


Effectively manage and align content on corporate digital platforms in Europe and the Middle East Ensure all marketing campaigns and promotions are featured on the right digital platforms on the right time.


Content management and Campaign management by NMQ Digital.

  • Efficient and excellent operational execution of content management on all digital platforms in Europe and the Middle East.
  • Working with a partner with the same high standards in quality and service.
  • Good value for money.

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