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NMQ Digital and Crownpeak chat: Perspectives on Agile Digital Experience Management in 2021 and beyond

Last December, our US country manager, Zeynep Babadagli Baykal, and two other colleagues, Selcuk Cemoglu and Oguz Akkaya, spoke with Ian Lowe from Crownpeak to discuss NMQ’s services and how a Crownpeak integration would ease our way of operating. This 16-minute podcast explains the operations of NMQ Digital, the services we offer and the benefits to our customers, while also detailing our partnership with Crownpeak and its many advantages.

Learn all about it here: https://www.crownpeak.com/resources/podcasts/nmq-digital-perspectives-marketing-for-the-next-normal-pivoting-marketing-plans-for-success-in-2020

Introduction to CMS

The content management system, or CMS, is software that helps users create, modify, and manage website content without the need for specialized technical knowledge. In layman’s terms, CMS is a tool that helps one build a website without needing to go through the entire process of writing a code from the beginning.

Instead of building your own system to create web pages, store images and other functions, the CMS takes care of all the basic infrastructure for you, so you can focus on the more visual parts of the website.

Compared to static HTML websites, some of the advantages of content management systems are ease of use, speed of deployment, ease of maintenance, extensive functionality through many plugins and extensions, user-friendly features for SEO, and support from developers and the community.

How NMQ Digital works with Crownpeak

Crownpeak has been a dependable partner to NMQ Digital since 2016. The partnership is due to Cownpeak’s adaptability, flexibility and ease of maintenance.

Selcuk has noted that “… we integrated Crownpeak in Jamsadr with our customer’s database servers and their existing services such as document and bill management, etc. We needed all the services combined into one platform. The flexibility of Crownpeak allowed us to use Oracle Connection libraries, web services provided by stakeholders, and server scripting to process data on the server-side. Because of Crownpeak’s agile structure, we’re given limitless flexibility with decoupled architecture.”

Crownpeak has continuously proven how effective they are in helping NMQ Digital improve the delivery of our services to our customers.

Closing with differentiators from CP vs other CMS

Unlike other CMS's that can be slow, expensive and risky, Crownpeak's software as a service, or SaaS, design allows our team to deploy websites and marketing campaigns much faster, at a much lower total cost of ownership (TCO), and with the advantage of a great flexibility that suits better our needs.

In closing, NMQ Digital strives to deliver the best services to our customers worldwide. We recognize the value of the CMS provided by Crownpeak. As a result of their quick, adaptable and flexible approach we have been able to deliver top of the line services to our customers in a timely manner. As highlighted in the podcast, our goal at NMQ Digital is to help courageous brands succeed in the uncertainty of the digital era by providing tailored digital marketing services and optimizing every aspect of their customer journey.