Realisation and operational management of digital marketing campaigns of Philips is globally in good hands at NMQ Digital

“NMQ Digital is a true partner that collaborates with you, is flexible and shows initiative. With this, it contributes significantly in the realisation of effective, digital campaigns.“

Peter Hurkmans, Head of Digital Services Philips

Royal Philips Nederland is a diversified technology company that wants to improve the lives of people with useful innovations with regard to health care, consumer lifestyle and lighting. The company is a market leader in the field of cardiologic care, acute care and home care, energy-saving lighting solutions and diverse care products. Philips has sales and service organisations in more than 60 countries and globally activates hundreds of online marketing campaigns monthly. With analytics and reporting, the company is continuously reviewing how these campaigns can be optimised. NMQ Digital is an important partner with the set-up and completion of digital campaigns and reporting about the results.

“Online influences every point in the consumer journey“ says Peter Hurkmans, Head of Digital Services at Philips. “The consumer or corporate client who wants to buy something often starts with online research. They read reviews and feedback of other customers. This way they also come into contact with our marketing campaigns. In order to ensure that these campaigns convert properly, it is important that they are set-up in the best possible manner and that we are continuously able to evaluate whether adjustments are necessary.“

Synergy realisation

Hurkmans is responsible for the digital operational activities for both the consumer and the professional market in which Philips is active. “ When these two areas within our organisation were combined, we looked at how to best organise the rollout and management of our digital campaigns and to how to realise more synergy. The processes and tooling had to be set-up again. In order to work more efficiently, it was also necessary to standardise analytics and reporting related to our digital campaigns.“

Philips previous experience with NMQ Digital with regard to content management of the digital platforms was positive. Peter Hurkmans: “They are now partially responsible for building the landing pages for our new products and the configuration and localization thereof. In addition to this, NMQ Digital handles the operational set-up and processing of e-mail marketing campaigns and the building of automated marketing flows so that we can approach our potential clients in the most effective manner.”

“We are satisfied with the collaboration with NMQ Digital. It is a true partner that collaborates with you, is flexible and shows initiative. With this, NMQ Digital contributes significantly in the realisation of effective, digital campaigns.

Easy link

People from NMQ Digital also work within the digital services operations team of Philips in Eindhoven. “They fulfil a bridging function to their team in Istanbul. This communication is rather flexible. You will notice that the team connects quickly and easily with our digital service managers that coordinate all online marketing campaigns. We can rely on NMQ Digital 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

NMQ Digital also performs analytics and reporting about the digital marketing campaigns of Philips. It is important for the marketing team to know the impact of all campaigns. This is why tags are added on the correct conversion points. What receives click throughs? What does the customer look at and what not? This is important information that Philips uses to evaluate campaigns in the interim and when necessary improve and optimise them.

Next challenge

“Digital is a very dynamic field where we are constantly busy revising and gaining new knowledge and expertise. Things that are now standard were unheard of the previous year. It moves from that perspective. The next step in campaign management is that it will go a lot faster and will become real-time. The available tools facilitate fast action, but how do we set our processes to profit from this? This is the next interesting challenge“, decided Hurkmans.


Globally effective set-up of the role out and management of digital marketing campaigns. Standardisation analytics and reporting.


Campaign management and digital reporting by NMQ Digital.

  • Effective set-up and processing of digital marketing campaigns.
  • Fast adjust by continuous insight in the impact of campaigns.
  • Improved Total Cost of Ownership.

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