TomTom optimises global digital processes with NMQ Digital

“By collaborating with NMQ Digital, we guarantee the continuity and quality of our digital platforms and we manage the cost.”

Luuk de Jager, Vice President Digital Enablement TomTom

The Dutch TomTom was founded in 1991 and is especially known as supplier of navigation and map services. However, it also offers global fleet management solutions, location based applications and consumer products such as GPS sports watches. The forty websites TomTom have worldwide play an essential role in consumers’ experience with the enterprise. For example, more than a hundred million people visit one of the websites per year to orientate themselves, to buy a product or for support. As such, the digital platforms are the most significant touch point of the consumer division.

“All products we manufacture have a digital component. In other words: if you use it, you will almost always need to do something on the website, for example registration or activation. In addition, we noticed that consumers often order supplementary products on our websites. This produces lots of online traffic “ said Luuk de Jager, Vice President Digital Enablement at TomTom. “It is thus very important that all forty digital platforms are always up-to-date. If we introduce a new product or a new version thereof, we must be certain that the content about this is presented in the right place and in the correct language on all platforms.“

Time lost

Streamlining the operational processes behind this appears to be a challenge. “We performed all content management and localisation of new sites internally. Our consumer marketing department has 120 employees worldwide. We noticed that too much time is lost internally due to coordination and other operational matters. It just does not appear to be effective. I then decided to centralise the operation and to outsource it to an external supplier.”

De Jager decided to outsource the content management and the localisation of the digital platforms of TomTom and selected NMQ Digital. “You could actually talk about nearshore outsourcing“, said De Jager. “We came to the conclusion that it would be best for us to work with a party in more or less the same time zone as us. If you are looking to outsource, you will probably be helped quickly in India. However, in practice this is not very flexible. You will notice that the majority of excitement or stress happens over the weekend or at night. So it’s just a lot easier dealing with a party who is in the same time zone.“


NMQ Digital was also the more cost-effective solution. De Jager: “A party in Turkey is cheaper than a Dutch organisation, but more expensive than a service provider from India. However, if you want to compare Turkey and India really thoroughly, they turn out to be more or less equal, because of what you will need to invest in training and managing people. The level of education of the NMQ Digital team is simply very good, which mean that we ultimately need to spend less time with them. This means that I can release our people to pick up strategic and innovation projects”

TomTom not only uses the NMQ Digital team in Turkey, but also has an internal employee of NMQ Digital who qualifies the work, establish the priority of projects and who supervises his Turkish colleagues. In addition to that, this person is the central contact point for internal stakeholders at TomTom. “This works seamlessly”, according to De Jager. “They are responsible for the coordination and the project management, know exactly what is important and what the nuances are.”


Further, De Jager is very pleased with the flexibility of NMQ Digital: “They have a strong ‘agile’ way of working. We can upscale our team according to our needs or return capacity. This is very pleasant, because certain matters are difficult to schedule. “By collaborating with NMQ Digital, we guarantee the continuity and quality of our digital platforms and we manage the cost.“

TomTom recently gave all sites a responsive design. The following step in the digital strategy is to use consumer data more effectively. “How can we further personalise the experiences of our customers with our enterprise? We want to use a ‘multi-channel approach’ so that they receive the correct offer or information at the correct time. In addition to this, we are also going to work more intensively with measurements and reporting: how do we know whether we are succesful? We also use NMQ Digital to see what they could mean to us in this regard.“


Optimisation of operational processes behind global digital platforms


Content management, Creative maintenance, Campaign management and Digital Reporting by NMQ Digital.

  • Guarantee continuity and quality digital platforms.
  • Lots of flexibility in capacity.
  • Cost effective solution by nearshore outsourcing.

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