Watkins Europe streamlines digital platforms with NMQ Digital

“NMQ Digital takes the operational process over completely. This way we are able to focus on our digital strategy”

Tim Vanderbruggen, European Marketing Manager Watkins

Watkins Europe is the manufacturer of the Hot Spring® and Caldera® Spas brand of spas. The company forms part of the global Masco-organisation. Watkins is active in 70 countries. The American head office in San Diego, where the factory is also situated, has more 1,000 employees. In addition to that there are offices in England, China and New Zealand. The European head office and distribution centre are in Belgium. All marketing for the European market is handled from here. The digital platforms form a strategic base for this.

“Our online platform is the basis of our business”, said Tim Vanderbruggen, European Marketing Manager at Watkins. “Customers decide, after viewing the website, whether they will visit one of our dealers’ showrooms or not. Their impression of our digital platforms is thus extremely important. Currently we have six national websites for the European market. With the current growth and our online ambitions it will be impossible to properly maintain and streamline all these platforms on our own.” Vanderbruggen thus decided to search for support with regard to content management and digital maintenance. In addition to this, he searched for a party who could build local sites based on the template of the corporate website. With this it is naturally important that the brand guidelines of Watkins and the Hot Spring and Caldera brand names are complied with.

More effective and faster

In the end, Vanderbruggen selected NMQ Digital. “We already had experience with American agencies. The contact persons changed frequently and due to the time difference, we were not flexible. At NMQ Digital, we have a central contact person and we can immediately reach our entire account team via an e-mail address. This improves communication significantly. The backup is organised excellently and there is always someone who is fully up to date with our specific wishes and work method. In addition to this, we work in the same time zone and NMQ Digital has offices in various countries. If necessary, they can provide support twenty-four hours a day. All of this means that we can work a lot more effectively and faster.”

Focus on strategy

Vanderbruggen is satisfied about the price quality ratio of NMQ Digital: “The collaboration produces a positive ROI for us. We can rely on the fact that both our current and new platforms will contain the correct content and portray the right image. NMQ Digital takes the operational process over completely. This way we are able to focus on our digital strategy. For example, we are currently looking at new online activities and the development of campaigns. We want to use other tools for this. NMQ Digital also supports the integration of this. The goal is to draw more visitors to our websites, to generate leads and to convert these. Eventually the conversion takes place at our dealers, but our digital channels form the basis, this is where it all starts. NMQ Digital is an indispensable partner for the optimum functioning thereof.”


Streamlining content management of digital platforms for the European market.


NMQ Digital Content management, Creative maintenance and Database management.

  • Efficient setup operational process.
  • Cost effective work method through outsourcing.
  • Room for focussing on digital strategy.

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